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Workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents or severe accidents at home or on the sporting field often result in very complex bone fractures, ligament sprains, tendon tears and muscle damage. The repair of which often requires complex foot surgeries and then long periods of rehab just to get back up on your feet again only to find they still don’t quiet work like the used to.

The simple answer is the complex anatomy is never quiet the same after the repairs. The longer answer is not to say that we cannot optimize the “new” anatomy. To do this requires a thorough understanding of the original injury, the nature and types of surgeries that have been performed, what is the “new alignment” is now and some experienced creative thinking to decide how best to allow the foot, ankle and leg to now function with its new anatomy.

In doing so it is certainly possible to optimize the function, accommodate for any limitations, reduce any residual pain and increase your mobility and capacity to get on with the things in your life that are important to you.


Matt has had extensive experience in this area and enjoys the challenge

  • of working with you to understand your needs and desires
  • evaluating your new function post operatively
  • designing shoe / orthotic combinations to enhance your function