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Matt will provide a friendly and professional service with an emphasis on clear communication and the highest standards of Podiatric care


Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation Matt will

  • Listen carefully to you as you discuss your symptoms, concerns and problems with him
  • Discuss your relevant medical history and past ailments as they relate to your current symptoms
  • Perform a careful physical examination and assess your biomechanics walking and or running
  • May requests further imaging
  • Explain fully the most likely diagnosis and your treatment options


What to bring

  • Referral letter if you have one
  • Private Health Insurance, DVA and Medicare Card
  • TAC details
  • X Rays, Ultrasounds, MRI or CT Scans
  • Current work and sporting footwear
  • Comfortable clothing, or shorts, so your legs are visible from above your knees down to your feet
  • Any current orthotics or old orthotics you have previously used