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Orthotics are used conservatively and only as required. They are placed inside your footwear and designed to improve the mechanical function of the feet and legs. They gently change the rate and position of the loading of your foot, assist with realigning the legs and hence allow for a more efficient position.



Matt will firstly thoroughly assess your joint function which is then followed by a detailed treadmill gait analysis of your gait both barefooted and in footwear. A 3D laser scan is then used to scan your foot and your orthotics’ are then prescribed by Matt. An order is then placed for your, environmentally friendly, locally made 3D printed foot orthoses. The options of material types, top covers, extra padding, shapes to fit your shoes are very extensive ensuring the orthotics suit your condition, footwear and chosen activity.


Advice for the initial wearing of your orthotics

Your orthotics are designed to change the way your foot loads, hence it is important to settle into them slowly to allow time to adapt to this change. Ideally, it is best to start wearing them for activities of daily living starting with about an hour on the first day and then increasing each day thereafter by about an hour ( ie Day 2, 2 hours of use, day 3, 3 hours of use etc). You should not experience any excessive pressure or discomfort. If you are feeling any discomfort, then you should remove your orthotics for the rest of that day and then the next day you should be able to wear them for a longer period. Once you are worn them all day you can then gradually introduce them for your fitness / sporting activity


Having previously owned his own commercial laboratory, Matt is very aware that the review, and perhaps the fine tuning, of every orthotic is essential. More often than not, the difference between an ordinary orthotic and an extraordinary orthotic is this review process. As a result, Matt makes any required modifications himself in his own personal laboratory after careful discussion and review of your progress with you. To assist this process reviews are free of change and included in the orthotic fee for the first 3 months


Do you have orthotics already?

Should you already have orthotics and would like them checked, Matt is more than happy to work with you and your current orthotics to enhance their benefit and or fix any issues you are having when and wherever possible. All orthotics are not prescribed equally and often need some TLC to make them right for you.